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  1. How often should gutters be cleaned ... ?
  2. How much do you charge ... ?
  3. Do we have to clean up afterwards ... ?
  4. Do we have to be home when you arrive ... ?
  5. How do we pay for the job ... ?
  6. What happens if the job is not done right ... ?

How often ... ?

[No less than twice a year, most people need them done once in the late spring and again in the late fall when the leaves from the trees surrounding their homes and down spouts.  A good rule of thumb is often making sure the run off water is diverted from the foundation. If you live in a heavy wooded area and need it cleared more than twice per year we will take care of it, no matter what, that is our policy. To take care of our customers]

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How much, cost ... ?

[That will depend on the size of the house, no two houses are entirely the same. We keep the charge affordable because we value our customers and like to keep them on a yearly basis. ]

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Who cleans up afterwards ... ?

[We do the cleaning as best as we can.  We also clean off the limbs from the trees and the roof to make sure nothing goes back in the gutter.]

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Do we have to be there ... ?

[No, we do call and let our customers know we will be there and make an arrangement to do the job.]

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How do we pay for the job ... ?

[Either cash or check. We also send you a statement of the cost. The cost is always known before we even begin the job. We also offer a senior citizens discount, so please feel free to ask.]

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What happens if job is not done correct ... ?

[Give us a call and we will do the job again and we will accept full responsibility. This is stated in our policy, we are happy when you are happy.]

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